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Blog – What the Heart Craves

Dictionary.com defines CRAVING like this, based on the Random House Dictionary published in 2013: CRAVING implies a deep and imperative wish for something, based on need or hunger… Ask any pregnant woman. She might not be able to define CRAVING, but she can tell you exactly what she CRAVES at any given moment. Throughout history, greedy kings have CRAVED riches and power and given little thought to the danger to those who stood in their way. The heroine of a romance novel CRAVES the hero’s touch, his caress, his kiss. The hero CRAVES the sound of her voice, the gentle touch of her hand, the intense pleasure of holding her in his arms again. In And You, Virginia, Are No Lady, I gave Virginia an uncontrollable CRAVING for Gabe. She even risks being disbarred to spend a few hours in his arms. Here’s a sample: Virginia grinned. She’d surprised Gabe when she’d pulled the safety helmet he’d offered her down over her ears, climbed on his Harley, adjusted her borrowed goggles and pulled on a pair of too big gloves. Now, snuggled close behind him to keep the wind from chapping her sensitive skin, her thoughts surprised her. Fresh from a recent shower, Gabe smelled like erotic temptation. She rubbed her cheek against his leather jacket, longing to lick his tanned skin. Not good. She’d known hiring this bad boy would be a mistake, she just hadn’t realized what her lapse in judgment would cost her in restraint. This close proximity to her nemesis was causing her stomach to churn and her self-esteem to sink about as low as he wore his belt. Dammit. It had been too long since she sat this close to a heart-stopping man who wasn’t on trial and the vibration from the road was turning her on. She forced her gaze back to their surroundings. Gabe had promised the diner he had in mind wasn’t far, but as they careened through a seedy business district, she began to have doubts about their destination, too. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be seen with this hunk. She simply shouldn’t be seen with him. She strived to present a squeaky-clean image to the legal community, a close-knit group ready to pounce on every tidbit of gossip, illuminate and enlarge on it, then cast the juicy tidbit to the wind and watch to see who their scattered crumbs hurt. She’d never given them anything to talk about and hoped this was not a first. Virginia’s strong CRAVINGS for Gabe lead them on a merry chase. You can download Virginia’s story here, to find out how she and the bad boy resolve their problems: http://amzn.to/12MtT9w