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What the Heart Desires

Dictionary.com defines desire like this, based on the Random House Dictionary published in 2013:

“DESIRE, CRAVING, LONGING, YEARNING suggest feelings that impel one to the attainment or possession of something. DESIRE is a strong feeling, worthy or unworthy, that impels to the attainment or possession of something that is (in reality or imagination) within reach: a desire for success. CRAVING implies a deep and imperative wish for something, based on need or hunger…. A LONGING is an intense wish, generally repeated or enduring, for something that is at the moment beyond reach but may be attainable at some future time: a longing to visit Europe. YEARNING suggests persistent, uneasy, and sometimes wistful or tender longing.”

All these definitions sound like feelings an individual is unable to control, and such is the way of romance. Authors of erotic romance novels further explore and exploit the tender, sometimes all-consuming feelings a woman has for a man.
Long before Thomas Hardy penned Tess of the d’Urbervilles in 1891 innocent women were being tempted by men bent on their own pleasure.
Modern day erotic novels about heterosexual couples focus on the true, strong feelings a heroine develops for the hero. She craves sexual satisfaction and longs for her man to crave her presence with the same all-consuming intensity.
In And You, Virginia, Are No Lady, my latest erotic novel, Virginia Hampton is a respected lawyer forced to hide from the public her persistent desire for Gabe Count, the private eye she hires to help prove her client innocent. He’s like an itch she’s not allowed to scratch in public.
Virginia had a crush on Gabe, the school bad boy, but never gave in to her desire. Her father would not have approved of Gabe. Now, they are both adults, their social status still miles apart, but Virginia’s desire for Gabe impels her to be with him despite the possible consequences. Their stolen moments of togetherness are all that makes Virginia’s life endurable.
Gabe still brandishes his bad-boy image, but the years he spent on the Atlanta police force indicate he’s changed. The gun shot he suffered at the hands of a culprit who later walked out of jail, freed on a technicality while Gabe endured months of painful rehab, turned him against the legal system. He resigned from the force and became a well-respected private eye, and despite his mindset regarding lawyers, he wants Virginia in his bed with a craving he is unable to squelch unless she is in his arms.
You can download Virginia’s story here, to find out how she and Gabe resolve their problems: