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No Surprises!


Sex Sells!

Okay. So how does an erotic writer learn to write sex on every  page?

One way is by watching old movies. Very little dialogue, but lots of closeups, loads of emotion. Eye contact. Body language. Touch. Steamy looks. Shy smiles. Raised eyebrows. Quirking lips.

Got the picture? Description. It’s all about the details. Build the tension with every line. Love scenes are filled with action. So is foreplay, whether it lasts only a moment, or builds for weeks.

The best erotic novels have me squirming in my seat by the second page and the squirming never stops. A sexually aware reader knows exactly what the heroes appraising look is doing to the heroine. It’s doing the same thing to the reader. When the heroine smiles knowingly, she pictures steam pouring from the hero’s nostrils as they flare. The reader is getting hot, too.

So get it right, right from the start. That’s what a steamy novel is all about. Set the scene, then move in close. Feel the heat, then describe it. The fragrance of the air they’re breathing changes, too. Arrousal has a distinctive smell that the heroine becomes aware long before lust flashes in the heroes eyes.

Think like a cameraman looking through the lens, then paint the scene with words, instead on film.