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You Have To Love Southern Women

Southern women have back bone. Stand up to their children’s teachers. And never step out the door unless fully made-up. They’re raised to say Yes, sir and No, ma’am and to be careful what they do in public because their actions will reflect on their family.

Family is everything. A Southern woman would give up her right arm for a needy second-cousin once-removed she hasn’t seen in thirty years. A Southern woman never forgets a wrong, but is quick to step in and set things right when the guilty person needs help. They are caregivers, and God blesses the man who has a God-fearing Southern woman to love.

If a Southern woman’s house needs cleaning she’s as likely to build a new one without spoiling her manicure. If her mate is faithful, she’ll stick with him through hard times and good, but if she trifles on her heart, she may kick him right out the door. Southern women are born sexy, feisty and quick witted with a sharp tongue thrown in for good measure.

I was raised in a Southern home with two sisters and a brother. I didn’t always get along with them, and may tell you the butcher knife story some other time, but I never spoke a word against a one of them outside our home. When I decided to write my Atlanta Burning series about three sisters I relied on fond memories of life in a hot-and-humid Southern town to include in my books.

 In And You, Virginia, Are No Lady, she asks an old school friend with a bad reputation to help her prove her client’s innocence, because he is the most respected private detective in Atlanta. He rides a Harley and has attitude, but like most Southern men his good looks open doors slammed shut on her. Their arguments are as much fun as the making-up sessions that follow each one.

 In Great Balls of Fire, her former professor asks Paris Hamilton, a public relations expert, to help Winston Harrison Gentry the Third retain a seat on the City Council, which means the notorious skirt chaser has to clean up his act. Paris, a firm believer in rules, lays down the law to Win.

Ya’ll listen up, there will be no hanky-panky on my watch, she tells him numerous times.

Shut the door, Win thinks. This suits the candidate just fine. He’s found his life mate — Paris — all he has to do is toe the line while he reels her in.

In Frankly My Dear, realtor Atlanta Hamilton is the lady who needs taming, and Rob Count knows which buttons to push to land the feisty lady in his bed. There’s a hint of suspense in this book, giving Rob a chance to man-up and keep Atlanta safe. She’s hot-to-trot and has no plans to settle down until Rob convinces her he’s the only man she wants.

These are erotic novels about sensual Southern women put to the test and are available for download at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other sources for eBooks.