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BOB Excerpt from And You, Virginia, Are No Lady


That night as Virginia stepped out of the bathroom following her shower Gabe asked, “Did you take your Battery Operated Bob on our honeymoon?”

She blanched and her face reddened. “I–”

feb-hop-white-lettering“There’s no reason to be embarrassed, sweetheart. I’ve read most sexually active women take a Bob to bed at least once a week.”

“Well, I–”

“Stuffed it in your suitcase just in case?” he asked hopefully.

“No, I–”

Gabe couldn’t keep his disappointment from showing.

“–Tucked it in my purse,” she said, looking pleased with herself.

“Then dig it out. I want to watch you make love to yourself.”

Looking doubtful, she blanched again, then nodded with more enthusiasm than he’d expected to see.

She fumbled around in her oversized purse and after a moment lifted out a small velvet pouch.

“I hope the batteries are new,” she said, handing him the pouch.

I do, too.

Gabe removed the helpful gadget and turned it on.

“There are two speeds,” Virginia said, blushing again.

“Which one do you prefer?”

“Slow at first and then, when I start getting into it I–”

“Switch to high gear? Show me.” He turned Bob off.


“Yes, where ever you are the most likely to…”


“Right.” The tips of his ears suddenly burned.

Virginia ‘s nervous giggle put them both at ease, but she glanced around.

“Is there something else you need?”

“Something to set the mood. It’s still daylight and I’m not used to–”

“Diddling yourself when the sun’s still shining?”

She nodded, looking nervous again.

He drew the curtains. “Maybe some music will help. And do you have any incense?”

“No, but there’s a scented candle in the linen closet. Why don’t you pick out a CD and start the music playing while I look for the candle Paris gave me?”

He started a Nat King Cole CD playing while she lit a sandalwood-and-oak scented candle

“Now what?” Virginia asked timidly.

“What would you do if you were alone?”

“Dim the lights and lie on my back on the bed. Is that okay?”

“Yes, if I can lie beside you and watch?”

She looked dubious, but let the towel she was wearing pool on the floor, stacked two pillows for her head, then looked comfortable and damn sexy as she lay on her back on the bed.

Gabe rolled onto his side beside her, and handed the small vibrator to her.

A quiet hum quickly filled the room.

She closed her eyes, then slowly opened them. “Gabe…”

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