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Dictionary .com defines yearning like this, based on the Random House Dictionary published in 2013:
“YEARNING suggests persistent, uneasy, and sometimes wistful or tender longing.”
When I see the word YEARNING I always think of Marjorie Rawlings novel The Yearling. There was enough hopeless yearning in that book to last me a lifetime.
I YEARN for things beyond my control, reach and pocketbook: a cruise up the River Nile and a new SUV top my list. And I YEARN for my latest release to hit a bestseller list.
Heroines of romance novels and movies sometimes have more YEARNINGS than they have desires. In Casablanca Ilsa YEARNS to share a world free from war with Rick. He YEARNS for Ilsa to want to stay with him, even though he fears she’ll never leave her husband. In Come the Dawn by Christina Skye, India Delamere YEARNS for her husband to recover from amnesia and remember the feel of her in his arms. She also YEARNS for their infant son who died suddenly.
Things we desire and the things we YEARN for are much like a list of needs and wants. We need nourishment but we want chocolate mousse. I desire my husband but YEARN for him to want me at those odd times when I suddenly want to be held.
In Great Balls of Fire, the second novel in my Atlanta Burning Series which just released, Paris Hamilton YEARNS for a man to love her and give her babies, not realizing she has already found him: Winston Gentry, the candidate for City Council she is helping to win the election.

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