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What the Heart Longs For



Blog – What the Heart Longs For

While writing this I was reminded of the lyrics to the Guy Mitchell ballad:
“My heart cries for you,
Sighs, for you, dies for you,
My heart longs for you,
Please come back to me.” defines LONGING like this, based on the Random House Dictionary published in 2013:
“A LONGING is an intense wish, generally repeated or enduring, for something that is at the moment beyond reach but may be attainable at some future time: a longing to visit Europe.”

For me, a LONGING is the hollow feeling I get in the pit of a stomach when I finally accept my deepest desire is unattainable.

LONGINGS come in all forms, whether whimsical or real:
• The constant longing to lose weight.
• The impossible longing to be taller, shorter, or happier.
• The unrelenting longing for a permanent home.
• The foolish longing to be a millionaire.
• The permanent longing to be loved.

Be aware, a LONGING too long unfulfilled can lead to depression.

In Gone With the Wind Scarlett O’Hara longs for Ashley to love her the way she loves him. For the war to be over. And for freedom from the fear of starvation.

In Mobey Dick, Herman Melville’s novel about a seaman and a whale, every November when the weather turns cold and drizzly Ishamel LONGS to sail and takes to the sea.

In my latest erotic novel release, And You, Virginia, Are No Lady, Virginia longs to spend time with the private eye she had a crush on in high school, the school bad boy, despite the knowledge going out with this employee of her law firm could get her disbarred.

Will her longing make her lose her hard-earned place in the community?
Or will Virginia find a way to have her cake and eat Gabe, too?

And You, Virginia, Are No Lady is available for download here: